Open Talk - Franco Raggi - "Eccentric coherences"


“Eccentric Coherences - Global Tools experience in the Radical Design path after 1972”

Ore 18.30 Casino Padula, Agna Le Piane, Matera


Friday 6 April we meet the architect Franco Raggi, founder of the Global Tools project, a platform for the free exchange of ideas and experiences, a place suitable for stimulating individual creativity and developing human potential.

During the meeting entitled "Eccentric Coherences. The Global Tools experience in the path of Radical Design after 1972.", Raggi will talk about coherences, influences, analogies and differences with the international avant-gardes and the artists of the 70s who experimented in areas such as body art, land art and conceptual art.

A presentation that connects the work of radical designers to the broader panorama of Austrian, American and British artists and architects who have worked on the border between architecture, art and design, exploring, with their works, unprecedented scenarios in the culture and practice of the project involving the body and the person in the artistic operation.



Born in Milan in 1945, where he graduated in architecture at the Polytechnic in 1969, he was editor of the magazine Casabella and from 1977 to 80 editor in chief of the magazine of Design MODO.

In 1973 he collaborated with Aldo Rossi on the organization of the International Architecture Section of the Milan Triennale and set up the first critical exhibition on Italian Radical Design.

Secretary of the Visual Arts Section Architecture of the Venice Biennale (75-76) in 1979-80 he was in charge of the Design Collection at the Milan Triennale, realizing the exhibitions "Census of design" and "The decorated house".

As an author and designer he has participated in several exhibitions including: "Assenza Presenza" (Bologna 1978) "Fifty years of Italian architecture" (Milan 1979), "Provokationen" (Düsseldorf 1982), "From the spoon to the city" (Milan 1983), "A Postmodern generation" (Genoa 1983), "La neomerce" (Milan-Paris 1985).

In 1983 for the XVII Triennale di Milano he conceived and set up the exhibition "Le case della Triennale". In the XVIII Triennale of 1989 he ordered the Design Section in the exhibition "The future of the metropolis".

His On-Off lamp for Luceplan is present in the permanent collection of MOMA in New York while works and drawings are in the collections of the FRAC Museum in Orleans and the Center Pompidou in Paris.

His solo exhibitions were held in 2005 and 2015 at the Galleria Jannone in Milan.


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