Open Design School is a laboratory of interdisciplinary experimentation and innovation, born as a pillar project at the service of the realization of the cultural program of Matera 2019, but that also looks beyond.

To date, 116 Italian and European artists and professionals from Lucania have been involved in the activities of the Open Design School. Together they have mapped 431 places, produced 9 large exhibitions, 11 urban installations, 10 cultural events and promoted 87 talks, events and workshops, thus encouraging the meeting and enjoyment of creative content by the public.

ODS is a horizontal platform. A place of sharing and mutual learning, driven by the need for continuous creative exchange between art, science and technology. Inside, they design, model and build solutions through a modular system that, as well as being functional and reversible, temporarily modifies the urban space suggesting new possibilities of use, inviting the public to enjoy the artistic content and feel active part of Matera 2019. ODS was also born as an opportunity to develop new networks and new economies within the city, but also as a generator that allows an active and collective re-engagement of public space.

Designed by Joseph Grima


Project Manager: Rita Orlando

Coordinator: Marco Laterza

Lab Manager: Pasquale Montemurro

Communication & Social Media: Dario Colacicco

Project Manager Assistant: Mauro Acito



Imma Alianelli - Architect / Vito Battista - Visual Designer / Francesco Angelo Convertini - Designer expert in self-construction /    Grazia Mappa - Architect / Saverio Massaro - Social Designer

Former Participants

Stefano Battaglini - Architect / Annegret Boenemann - Social Designer / Elisa Bertron - Exhibition Designer / Silvia Cafora - Architect / Anna Cellamare - Scenographer / Sofia Coutsoucos - Architect / Antonio Elettrico - Architect / Giulia Finazzi - Architect / Elisa Giuliano - Exhibition Designer / Cecilia Gonzalez Torres - Architect / Antonio Guerrieri - Designer / Alberto Lago - Designer / Pierangelo Laterza - Photographer / Francesco Lipari - Architect / Giovanni Martemucci - Architect / Gabriella Mastrangelo - Designer / Rossella Nicoletti - Urban Planner / Artemis Papageorgiu - Designer / Francesca Raimondi - Architect / Francesco Santarsia - Urban Planner / Martha Schwindling - Exhibition Designer / Davide Tagliabue - Artisan / Gustavo Velho - Visual Designer

Former Staff

Veronica Cirillo - Project Manager Assistant / Paolo D'Ercole - Communication & Social Media / Giovanni Diele - Lab Manager / Santa Nastro - Press Office / Diogo Rinaldi - Coordinator / Simona Zurlo - Graphic Designer 



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