The Open Design School is one of the pillar projects of Matera 2019. It is a living lab for interdisciplinary experimentation, a platform that will be the main feature of Matera 2019 cultural programme. Its main goal is to produce the infrastructure necessary for Matera 2019.

The Open Design School is not a school. It will serve as an instrument of systemic, community-wide capacity building where learning occurs through doing, prototyping and testing, in a continuous creative exchange process between art, science, and technology.

It is a horizontal platform, a place of interdisciplinary learning and experimentation without strict hierarchies in which everyone learns from everyone, in an atmosphere of mutual enrichment.


Director: Joseph Grima

Project Manager: Rita Orlando

Coordinator: Marco Laterza

Coordinator: Diogo Rinaldi

Lab Manager: Giovanni Diele

Lab Manager: Pasquale Montemurro


Communication & Social Media: Paolo D'Ercole

Current Team > Stages Project

Antonio Elettrico - Architect

Giulia Finazzi - Architect

Elisa Giuliano - Exhibition Designer

Alberto Lago - Structural Engeneer

Gabriella Mastrangelo - Designer

Artemis Papageorgiu - Designer

Davide Tagliabue - Artisan


Current Team > Venues of Matera Project

Annegret Boenemann - Social Designer

Silvia Cafora - Architect

Pierangelo Laterza - Photographer

Rossella Nicoletti - Urban Planner

Francesca Raimondi - Architect

Gustavo Velho - Visual Designer


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