Open Review - March 16th

Open Review

March 16th, 3h30 pm - Casino Padula, Agna le Piane, Matera.

Also this Friday, at 3h30 pm, we open the doors of the Open Design School on the occasion of our weekly appointment with the Open Review.
This week the focus will be mainly on the progress of the work of the "Stages" project group, which will be responsible for designing stages and infrastructures for the events of the European Capital of Culture 2019.
Specifically, we will show the work produced on some prototypes we have built, their possible use and how we intend to develop them, as well as research work and the sources that have inspired our production.
External interventions will always be welcome and may be a further input for our work. We are waiting for you.


Open Talk - SMALL Lab -

Open Talk - SMALL Lab - "Performing Publicness"

Stage System Project - Participants

Stage System Project - Participants