Open Review! - March 2nd

Open Review!

On March 2nd 3h30 pm  - Casino Padula, Agna Le Piane, Matera

The Open Review begins. We invite you to discuss with us the progress of our mapping and design work.

After our presentation, we will have the pleasure to talk with two important guests. They will share their experiences and ongoing projects that are inspiring our work.

Ilaria Vitellio, urban planner, will illustrate the mappi[na] project, a participatory mapping platform that allows using mobile devices that can take photos, video and make recordings to tell the story of the cities and their citizens and build a shared and alternative map.


Lukas Wegwerth, artist, and designer, formerly collaborator of Thomas Lommée, will talk about his artistic research but above all about design according to the principles of the Open Structure and through the modular components that we currently use at our school.

You just have to reach us at the Padula Casino, the Open Design School awaits you.


 Our Guests

Ilaria VitellioIlaria Vitellio 

Urban Planner & civic hacker with specialization, masters and PhD in urban design and planning. Works on tools of government of the territory and urban policies with a special attention to the issued concerning the building of multi stakeholder processes of urban regeneration, community planning 2.0, neogeography and open data. Has been visiting professor by several Italian Universities, contributing to national and international research and worked as a consultant for public administrations (urban plans, complex programs, strategic plans). Currently she is the CEO of Mappina - Alternative Map of City and CityOpenSource - Collaborative Mapping Platform and project manager of several digital projects that interweave open data with collaborative mapping practices.



Lukas WegwerthLukas Wegwerth

Born in Ilbeshausen, Germany in 1984, Lukas went on to study at the University of the Arts in Berlin,  creating work that followed in the playful and experimental precedent of the likes of Carlo Mollino and Dagobert Peche while combining with systematic collaborative approaches such as OpenStructure. He cites the honest carpentry of the shaker design movement, and the provocative and genre-defying work of Atelier Van Lieshout as particular influences. Lukas works primarily with organic materials, and his designs explore notions of growth and transformation of memory and time.

Open Review - Venues of Matera 2019

Open Review - Venues of Matera 2019

Venues of Matera Project - Participants

Venues of Matera Project - Participants