The importance of being Open


Open, this is one of the most used words nowadays in many fields, from design to computer science, and has also entered the name of our school. But what does it mean for us to be open?

We have already talked about the Open Structures system of Thomas Lommee and Christiane Hoegner, so we refer back to them to explain the difference between a closed and an open system.

closed modular open modular

According to these images, a closed system operates in a vertical direction, where a hierarchical structure establishes that an element designs or decides for everyone.

An open system instead allows for a plural decision-making process and offers participants the opportunity to contribute to a common system.

In our case, we decided to create a horizontal network of professionals able to exchange knowledge and bring their personal approach to our work.

Being open means working on the same goal, facing it together, on the same desk but with a multidisciplinary language. The enhancement of differences and the horizontal nature of the transmission of knowledge, break the standard academic framework of vertical teaching, in which a leader teaches the rest of the group. The lack of a leader is one of our principles because we believe that the collaborative structure can activate a system of innovation and exponential growth of a project.

From the elements designed and used, up to our organization, everything is versatile, modular, organized in an open system that allows it to be developed by anyone.

In a broader vision, we conceive the entire Matera, the field on which we work, as an open system, since even citizens, invited to participate in our open reviews, can bring knowledge about the territory or suggestions and advice for our work.

We have decided to embrace the Open philosophy so that our work can grow and not be limited to our school and our project, but be part of a much broader system using a universally shared language.


/Some contents of this post was taken from the OpenStructures website/

Venues of Matera Project - Participants

Venues of Matera Project - Participants

Open Day - Saturday, February 10th

Open Day - Saturday, February 10th