Ri-Corda - Innovation weaves


Innovation weaves with Maratea Capital for a day


The experience of the Open Design School in Maratea during the event "Ri-corda, intertwining communities" represented a stimulating moment of growth that allowed us to combine the traditional techniques of weaving tagliamani with the study of an innovative system for speed up craft work. The experimentation in the Open Design School laboratories started a few weeks before the Ri-corda event with the suggestions from the meeting with the organizers. Listening to the stories on the historical tradition of the Libbani, on their cultural value and on what they represented for the feminine microeconomics of Maratea, we have developed simple mechanized systems to weave the tagliamani or by the traditional loom in order to obtain new formal results. The workshops held in Maratea were a formidable test to compare our "experimental machines" with the traditional holders, in a profitable creative exchange. The two days of Maratea highlighted the thousand secrets related to the processing of tagliamani: from the harvest to the maceration and beating process, from the weaving to the connection between the fibers to obtain the Libbani (ropes). Appropriating these techniques has allowed us to hypothesize modern processes in the wake of tradition, opening new possibilities for using the artefacts in different contexts from the original one. The hand-woven tagliamani on the static frame, under the careful supervision of the masters of this art, allowed us to test the use of this fabric as a lampshade for its suggestive translucent characteristics, but also as a placemat or other functional coverings for the home. The transfer of knowledge between the old generation of libbanai (rope makers) and the many young people who approached our workshops was the most interesting aspect of this experience.











































Let's keep it OPEN - Open Design School al Salone Satellite 2019

Let's keep it OPEN - Open Design School al Salone Satellite 2019