Let's keep it OPEN - Open Design School al Salone Satellite 2019

Let's keep it OPEN

Open Design School al Salone Satellite 2019

A transparent curtain with the word OPEN in large letters.

This was the invitation to enter our stand at the Salone Satellite 2019. An ephemeral threshold to cross behind which opened a background of names, those of our community, to compose the words Open Future, a clear slogan of Matera, through a chromatic game 2019.

During the week of 9 to 14 April, when we were invited to exhibit at the Salone Satellite, along with many other design schools from around the world, many people made the gesture of opening that curtain and entering our sound installation.

The Vocale project, which included in an audio installation the voices of the community of people, associations and professionals that revolve around the Matera 2019 pillar project, aroused the interest of just as many sector employees who came to visit the stand.

In the audio a sound underwood of voices about the present and the future, a mosaic of words that define the identity of Open Design School in different languages.

On our structures, built as always with modular elements that follow the dictates of the open structure, many examples of work and research: from 3D printed prototypes of new multidirectional connectors, which implement the III + 1 system by designer Lukas Wegwerth, to the different examples of workshops open to the community, up to our Technical Logbook, an abacus of elements, structures, configurations in continuous evolution that represents the method and the shapes finalized for the preparations of the European Capital of Culture.


Our curtain, always open, represented a discovery for all those who did not yet know the Open Design School and who were able to immerse themselves with sounds, images and objects in our world. Now that the Milan Design Week has ended, we want our tent to remain open to those who have crossed the threshold, certain that so many of the people we met in Milan will continue to follow our activities and that our stand was not just a meeting place, but a starting point towards the future.




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