Selection: New team members!

We are happy to announce our new team members!

For the position of Lab Manager, we decided to split the responsibility between two exciting profiles: Giovanni Diele and Pasquale Montemurro.

Giovanni is a designer living and working in between Matera (MT) and Altamura (BA). He brings an extensive knowledge of different materials from his experience building and fixing boats. He is also a researcher of open hardware for the printing of digital pottery, from organic modeling to parametric and digital sculpting.

Pasquale is an active member of the Syskrack Lab, in Grassano (MT), one of the top 10 FabLabs in Italy according to Wired Magazine. Currently attending Mechanical Engineering at Politecnico di Bari, Pasquale is our reference to additive manufacturing and prototyping.

For the position of Communication and Social Media Expert, we have selected Paolo D'Ercole to join our team. Paolo is originally from Matera, and after years living in different cities in Italy and Europe, he is back bringing all the experience he has acquired in companies such as Alitalia, Il Giornale, and Il Fatto Quotidiano.

Selection: Open Call - The Venues of Matera 2019

Selection: Open Call - The Venues of Matera 2019