Workshop: Self-construction – Re_Purposed Structures

The workshop, open to university and high school students as well as craftsmen and the general public, aims to self-construct the installation design in 1 to 1 scale of a "wooden room" at the "C. Levi” artistic high school in Matera. This installation will be the result of teamwork over 3 workshops to create a multi-purpose structure to be used as an exhibition space and social area with chairs, tables, and shelves.

The construction system and materials for this device come from the re-interpretation of the work completed during the "Self-construction workshop" (December 13-17 2016) to construct an expo and performance space in the Piccianello market and take the two previous workshop results into account: “Wooden (open) structures” on January 28th and “Reciprocal lamps – recovery and transformation” on February 4th.

Directed by Paolo Cascone and Tommaso Santoro Cayro


“C. Levi” high school, Via Cappuccini 27, Matera

High school students, university students, designers, craftsmen, general public

“Re_purposed structures” is a self-construction workshop on wood with building block technique experiments. The workshop focuses on the assembly and construction of a structure made up of wooden uprights and panels. Starting from a modular system developed during the Open Design School workshop and from the prototypes created during the self-construction workshop in the Piccianello market, new interior design solutions involving expo elements, chairs and tables will be designed.

From a structure made up of coupled wooden uprights of set lengths, specific solutions are redesigned to adapt the system to the space and needs of the school. Participants are provided with basic notions on open structures and on the principles of wooden structure self-construction.

The prototype in 1 to 1 scale will be constructed during the workshop at the Levi high school. 

Wooden slats (okoumè or fir), thin fir wood panels. 

Drafts and drawings/building block techniques/self-construction.

Saturday, February 11, 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM.

9:00 AM -1:00 PM:
Introduction to Open Structure concepts: wooden construction system notions developed during the ODS workshop.
Team building
First primary structure self-construction phase

2:00 PM -6:00 PM:
Second Opening secondary structure self-construction phase

What to bring
Work gloves and work clothing

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Workshop: Wooden (Open) Structures