Workshop: Wooden (Open) Structures

This workshop is open to university and high school students, to craftsmen and the public at large. Its main objective is to create prototypes of a series of solutions that will be integrated into a self-constructed installation project on a 1:1 scale in the patio of the Matera “C. Levi” High School. The installation will be the outcome of the collective work developed over three workshops and aims to create a multifunctional structure that will serve as exhibition space as well as conference space with chairs, tables and bookshelves.

The construction method and the material used to create the project come from a reinterpretation of the work done at previous workshops for the construction of an exhibition and performance space at the Piccianello market.

Directed by Marilena Laddaga and Tommaso Schiuma


Open Design School, Casale Complex, Sasso Barisano, Matera

High school and university students, creative artists, craftsmen and the public at large.

Wooden (open) Structures is a design to make workshop on wood that uses numeric control machinery. The focus of the workshop is to design panels for use in a modular structure made up of wooden frameworks. Using the modular system elaborated upon at the Open Design School workshop and the prototypes made during the self-construction workshop at the Piccianello market, new panelling solutions will be expanded upon to craft exhibition structures, chairs and tables.
Drawing inspiration from open structures, flexible, ergonomic, horizontal elements will be examined to be produced using computer numeric control equipment. Wooden (open) Structures, through the creation of a series of components, is part of a workshop programme that aims to produce a new structural model.

A structure made up of wooden uprights matched to preset lengths provides the dimensional characteristics for designing the panels. Participants are provided with base information on the cad/cam design and the principles of wooden structure self-construction.

The workshop’s activity revolves around the creation of prototypes based on design, sketches and 1:5 scale models made in the ODS workshop (wooden panels and slats, cardboard, etc.) and will provide different solutions for the surfaces of the project’s initial base module-structure, the main aim of the project. Specific focus will be on surfaces which can be used as seating, exhibition panels and tables. 

Wooden slats (okumè or pine), thin pine panels, cardboard

Sketches and designs / digital modelling software: rhinoceros, sketchup, etc. / cnc / mini prototyping with small wooden and paper models made in the ODS lab.

Saturday, 28 January, from 10:00 to18:00. 

from 10:00 to13:00:
Introduction to the basics of Open Structures: an explanation of the basic construction systems of wooden structures elaborated on during the ODS workshop.
Principles of design and the production logistics using digital technology.
Team building
First design phases

from 14:00 to18:00
Second phase of prototyping
Presentation of the prototypes created

What to bring
Personal computer with 2D and 3D digital design programmes (if you have them) 

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