Workshop: Mental Mapping – Participative Processes and Urban Renewal

Directed by Fedele Congedo


Le botteghe (Piccianello Market), Via Marconi, Matera

The public at large, members of associations, local promotion experts, professionals and experts in various fields, high school and university students, creative artists, public administration employees and teachers.

To get together and use a variety of visual interaction methods to lay out the theoretic basic elements of an interactive urban renewal project on a neighbourhood scale, in particular where it concerns the Piccianello district of Matera. 

Knowledge of first-hand real and experimental cases of a variety of facilitation sets, in keeping with the priorities the work group expresses at the start of the session. For example: the use of mind mapping methods to collectively represent the identity and priorities of an urban renewal project, stakeholder analysis, SWOP strategy design (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats), problem analysis and strategies to involve people in the urban renewal process.

Participants will create collective and group visual maps, analysis and involvement theories related to the local context.

Buzan mind maps, stakeholder analysis, SWOT, constructive interaction methods based on Metaplan, GOPP and EASW.

Sunday, 22 January, from 10:00 to18:00. 

from 10:00 to 13:00
team building, learning interests, participation requisites, real-life cases, methods and techniques.

from 15:00 to 18:00
regeneration workshop, characteristics of Piccianello (identity, problems, visions, stakeholders and beneficiaries).


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