Workshop - Autoprogettazione #3

Realization of table B by Enzo Mari

The workshop is inspired by the publication of the designer Enzo Mari Autoprogettazione?, where about 15 projects are reviewed, which act as a stimulus and provocation to link creativity to the constructive capacity of each one, following and modifying the trace given by the design drawings for the realization of furniture for everyday use.

After proposing you the project of the Chair #1 and the Library, in this workshop we propose the self-design and self-construction of a table.

Download the document and follow the instructions, without limiting yourself to a simple reproduction: following Enzo Mari's philosophy develops a critical thought on the deepest meaning of design, realizing what you need, realizing also other forms than those proposed, using it as an example and not necessarily as a model to be repeated: Self-design #3 - Realization of table B by Enzo Mari


Workshop - Autoprogettazione #2