Digital teamwork: how to bring the Open Design School methodology online?

How to make online experiences engaging and interactive in the age of COVID and increased digital screen?

The answer can be much simpler than appearances if you ever attended a Living Lab!

The debut of Open Design School methodology, at the core of the Deus project, was very positive: about 30 people from Argentina to Finland responded to the invitation of an unprecedented lunch & workshop last Friday (March 12th, 2021).


The DeuS team needed creative thinking to finalize the upcoming Creative Knowledge Platform, a one-stop shop for the European cultural and creative sector and, on the other hand, the Living Lab, shaped around the Open Design School itself, dealing with local challenges, co-design and creative solutions.

So a mixed team formed by partners and open-minded professionals decided to invest a couple of hours shaping specific messages and calls to action for all stakeholders involved in the future vocational education training.

All this connected from the kitchen, while cooking of course!


The result of this challenge is an informal but complete board, developed with the support of Miro and Zoom (two everyday tools from our 'new normal'!) where we have found a complete and non-trivial solution to this crucial macro-themes:

  1. how to stimulate interaction with online sessions;
  2. how to generate offline interaction with Covid restrictions;
  3. how to design and run blended sessions with people connected from all over Europe working on the same challenge
  4. what tools can help / stratagems.


Challenges are a key point for developing new skills and competencies and the core of the ODS work model. The Open Design school methodology has been chosen to guide European public decision-makers in the development of new policies to support cultural and creative industries in the target territories, thanks to a training and learning scheme that is open, inclusive and non-hierarchical.


Curious to know more? Wait until the new DeuS Creative Knowledge Platform release, it won't take long. 

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«COOKING COVID was very interesting! A privileged viewpoint on today's approach to knowledge and learning by doing» Petteri, 37.

DeuS newsletter no. 3 is out!

DeuS newsletter no. 3 is out!