Open Review - So Far, So Close Festival. Esercizi di vicinanza

Wednesday, September 23rd 6 pm - Casino Padula, Agna Le Piane, Matera

Every Wednesday at 6 pm, from 9 September to 28 October, the Open Design School opens its doors for the Open Reviews, moments of in-depth study in which the ODS team of professionals will present and recount the work of designing new spatial formats for live events, with the study of new spatial systems and the rethinking of social relations, with the limits imposed by the current pandemic, as part of the So Far So Close Festival, Esercizi di vicinanza. 
The Open Reviews are open to anyone who wants to participate and contribute.

Next appointments: 

30 September,

7 - 14 - 21 - 28 October

To participate in the Open Review please remember to use the mask, the importance of social distancing and the prohibition of access with temperature above 37.5 °.

Click here to meet the professionals selected in the new Open Design School working group


Meet the new participants of Open Design School

Meet the new participants of Open Design School