Selection: Open Call - Stage System for Public Space

We are happy to announce the selected participants of our workshops!

Below are the candidates chosen to participate in the workshop Stage System for Public Space:


1. Antonio Elettrico is a local architect with experience in projects for the private sector and also involved in teaching at public and private institutions.

2. Gabriella Mastrangelo is a designer and artisan from Massafra (TA) playing with public spaces, furniture, and educational design.

3. Davide Tagliabue is an engineer, surveyor, and artisan from Monza (MB) with a curiosity for different materials and a hands-on approach to creative processes.

4. Alberto Lago is a structural engineer and designer from Venice (VE) with a substantial experience in furniture and product design.

5. Giulia Finazzi is an architect from Genova (GE) playing at the crossroads of architecture, design, technology, and politics.

6. Artemis Papageorgiou is a designer and multimedia artist from Athens, Greece, working with playful objects and installations.

7. Elisa Giuliano is an exhibition designer and contemporary dancer from Alessandria (AL) with experience working on projects all over Europe.

Taliesin West School of Architecture

Taliesin West School of Architecture

Selection: Open Call - The Venues of Matera 2019

Selection: Open Call - The Venues of Matera 2019