Open Talk - Valerio Borgonuovo - "When Education Coincides with Life"

Open Talk - Valerio Borgonuovo 

"When Education Coincides with Life"

Friday, May 25th,  6h30 pm

Casino Padula, via dei Pesci angolo via del Leone

Back on the Friday of the Open Talk with the guest Valerio Borgonuovo who will address the topics of lifelong learning, self-therapy, do-it-yourself, presenting the first volume, out for Nero Edizioni, entirely dedicated to "Global Tools".

The talk will focus on some radical pedagogical references still little investigated within the experience of the Global Tools, a multidisciplinary experimental program of design education founded in 1973. Its technical-cultural aims will be analyzed during its theoretical and laboratory activities, as a school "without students and even teachers".

Particular attention will be paid to the practices and theories of figures such as Viktor Papanek, Ivan Illich, Stewart Brand, Paulo Freire, Riccardo Dalisi and experiences such as those of the Bauhaus Immaginista in Alba, the S-Space in Florence, laboratories in the Rione Traiano of Naples or of the Cavart group in the abandoned quarries of the Paduan area.



Valerio Borgonuovo

 Valerio Borgonuovo is a researcher, curator and project manager with a post-graduate specialization in Neurosciences, Arts and Management of Culture at the TSM / Trentino School of Management.

Since 2009 he has been involved in the development, curating and dissemination of publishing initiatives and projects for public, private and non-profit institutions in the field of visual arts, culture and education, including the Marino Marini Museum in Florence, the SALT in Istanbul, the Milan Triennale, the Fondation d'Entreprise Ricard in Paris and the Futura Center for Contemporary Art in Prague.

He has been Councilor for Cultural Policies and Tourism of the Municipality of Pieve di Cento and consultant for the Department for Health Policies of the Emilia-Romagna Region.

He writes periodically for artedossier and is also co-authored with Silvia Franceschini of Global Tools 1973-1975 When Education Coincides with Life, first publication dedicated to the homonymous multidisciplinary program of design teaching founded in Italy in 1973 by figures and groups belonging to the Radical Architecture, the Arte Povera and Conceptual (NERO, Rome 2018).


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When education coincides with life itself

When education coincides with life itself

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