Citizens print Andreco

Citizens print Andreco

Screen printing workshop at Casino Padula


The Open Design School is a social space, open to the community, a community enthusiastic to participate in the appointments proposed by our calendar.

January 11th and 12th, during the silk screen workshop, in collaboration with Pigment Workroom, about 200 citizens alternated with the looms to reproduce on the fabric the Andreco’s artwork, the Roman street artist who reinterpreted the popular story "Stone soup". A story that talks about the magic of participation and the sense of community.

The thousand placemats produced will be a small gift for the many band members who will arrive in Matera at the opening ceremony.

A tablecloth for lunch and a unique piece, not only from the artistic point of view, but for the participative spirit with which it was made.

Whole families and associations went away with their hands dirty with ink, dedicating to us their time and their enthusiasm.

Many have brought a canvas to print from home, to have a self-produced piece to keep in memory of this experience.

Casino Padula confirms itself as a house open to the citizens, where in addition to designing the installations of Matera 2019, a community reminds us of the value of participation in a place that not so many time ago was simply abandoned.























































Let's keep it OPEN - Open Design School al Salone Satellite 2019

Let's keep it OPEN - Open Design School al Salone Satellite 2019

Workshop with Mario Cresci

Workshop with Mario Cresci