Open Design School Matera 2019

On October 17th, 2014 Matera was chosen as European Capital of Culture for 2019. The theme of the application is Open Future. The two cornerstones of the project are the Open Design School and the I-DEA, the Institute of Demo-Ethno-Anthropology.

Between Matera and design, there is a long-lasting connection. In order not to forget the important legacy of the past, there is a need for the rise of a new generation of designers, who are familiarized with science and technology, with social and cultural significant contemporary transformations.

The Open Design School Matera is the first design school in Europe to be based on the principles of open culture, thus representing one of the foundations of the cultural program of Matera 2019. The school is bringing together writers, bloggers, designers, craftsmen, hackers, students, academics and other professionals to transform Matera and Basilicata into a radical innovation platform in the fields of art, science, and technology. The Open Design School, as well as the I-DEA, will be a gathering spot at a national and European level, an authentic living lab for experimentation and interdisciplinary innovation.

The first intensive workshop for the implementation of the Open Design School is taking place in Matera from September 1st to October 21st, joining 15 participants from varied nationalities and backgrounds, including local professionals. The objective will be that of developing the concept of a highly innovative performance space inside a 18th-century quarry –this space will host a portion of the activities for Matera 2019 – and to contribute to the design and planning of the Open Design School.





We are open

We are open